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Updated: 14/09/2018

Patient Rights is a reflection of human rights in health care.  It is the rights guaranteed by our international and national legislation that our patients are entitled to, solely because they are human beings.
Patients' Rights Implementation under the Health Transformation Program In 2003, the Patient Rights Implementation Directive was issued in order to ensure the implementation of the Patient Rights Regulations, which was enacted in 1998, and the application of patient rights in all hospitals and organizations affiliated to the Ministry of Health was extended.
UNIT RESPONSIBLE: Social Worker Mehtap Ünlü
Patient Rights Unit: Policlinic Entry Floor
Phone: 0 (232) 5122679
Our aim; the prevention of violations of patient rights that may be experienced in our hospital, prevention of problems arising therefrom, the provision of health services in accordance with patient satisfaction and in a manner suited to human dignity, and the improvement of the quality of health services.
* Work to improve the practice of patient rights.
* To evaluate complaints,  suggestions and thanks from patients and their relatives.
* Resolve complaints as much as possible on-site.
* To fill out the application form for unresolved problems and submit it to the Patient Rights Board by running the necessary procedure.
* To file the complaints filed in the Patients' Rights Board and to follow up the necessary procedures.
* To helping the patient / patient relatives, the public and health personnel in relation to Patient Rights Practices.
* In addition, to follow-up forms from the Wish-Suggestion boxes and apply patient satisfaction questionnaires in accordance with the Patient Satisfaction Procedure.
Any suggestions, complaints, questions and satisfaction about our hospital;
•    Wish-Suggestion boxes
•    www.hastahaklari.saglik.gov.tr
•    www.tiredh.saglik.gov.tr> İletişim>Görüş öneri formu
•    E-mail: info@tiredh.gov.tr
•    Sabim>Alo 184,
•    Bimer>Alo 150
•    Cimer
You can reach us through this channels.
The views and complaints of the hospital are taken on the same day and complaint form is filled.
If there is a very urgent situation, hospital administration will be informed on the same day in order to be resolved.
If the problem can be resolved at the point of application, coordination with the relevant administrative and medical departments is conclude.
The application form is transferred to the Ministry of Health website.
The hospital employee who is complained ask for information within a few days. Hospital employees must give this information at the latest within 5 days.
If there are people who need information other than the parties, they will be informed within 5 days.
The situation is resolved by the hospital patient rights unit and the chief physician. If the situation can not be resolved, the provincial patient rights board is provided with a referral.
The members of the board are gathered and evaluated on the day and hour that the board will determine, they vote secretly and decide with the majority of votes. It will decide about the file within 30 days at the latest.
The hospital administration, the person who makes the application and the relevant staff; information about the result is given.
The decision is communicated to the Patient Rights Unit. The Patient Rights Unit archives the reports.
1.The right to benefit from health services within the framework of Justice and Fairness principles.
2.The right to ask for information on how to use the Health Services.
3.The right to choose and change the health institution in accordance with the procedures and conditions stipulated by the legislation.
4.The right to choose and change the staff who will provide health services for himself / herself, provided that he / she is in compliance with the procedures specified by the legislation.
5.The right to request the priority order, depending on the patient's medical criteria. (For example: Emergency, Judicial Case, Handicapped etc.)
6.The right to request of the patient to make a diagnosis and treatment, according to the requirements of modern medical knowledge and technology.
7.The right to give consent for any intervention on the patient's body.
8.The right to receive information about the health status of the patient.
9.The right to read the information written in the hospital patient's file and to inspect it in person.
10.The right to ask for respect for the patient's privacy.
11.The right of the patient to refuse and stop treatment, except in cases where it is legally obligatory and the patient's responsibility for the possible negative consequences.
12.The right to request  and to expect to be safe in health institutions and organizations while receiving health care.
13.The right of patients to fulfill their religious duties and to benefit from religious services in accordance with the facilities of health institutions and institutions.
14.To ask for respect for human values; the right to benefit from health services in a manner and in accordance with personality values.
15.In accordance with the procedures and principles determined by the health institutions and organizations; the patient's right to admit visitors.
16.To assist the patient during examination and treatment; the right to possession of an escort depending on the extent of the institutional possibilities and according to the discretion of the physician in charge of the treatment.
17.In case of violation of patient rights by the patient and those related to the patient, they are entitled to all kinds of applications, complaints and lawsuits within the framework of the legislation.
General responsibilities
1.People should do their best to pay attention to their health and follow the recommendations given for a healthy life.
2.If the person is convenient, blood can be donated.
3.In simple situations, people should do their own care.
Social Security Status
1.Patient; health, social security and changes of personal information must notify in a timely manner.
2.Patient; have to have the health report visa on time.
Informing Healthcare Workers
1.Patient; complaints, complaints of previous illnesses, whether or not they have received any treatment in hospital, if any, the medicines they are currently using, and all health information.
Adherence to Hospital Rules
1.Patient; it must comply with the rules and practices of the health institution to which it refers.
2.The patient must comply with the chain of shipped by the Ministry of Health and other social security agencies.
3.The patient; treatment, care and rehabilitation of the health professionals in the process is expected to be in cooperation.
4.The patient; if makes use of an appointment-based health facility, must comply with the date and time of the appointment and report the changes to the relevant place.
5.The patient; should respect the rights of hospital staff, other patients and visitors.
6.The patient; it has to compensate for the damage, caused to hospital supplies.
Adapting to Treatment Recommendations
1.The patient;  should be listened advice on medicines and treatments carefully and ask to where they do not understand.
2.The patient; should report this to the health worker if  can not comply proposal with about treatment.
3.The patient must indicate whether understands the health care and post-discharge care plan as expected.
4.The patient is responsible for the outcome due to rejection of treatment to be applied or non-compliance with the recommendation.
You have the right to choose and change your physician
1.You can choose your physician in our hospital except emergency services and emergency applications.
2.You can change your physician if a physician from the same branch and physician is available.
3.If appropriate conditions are met, you can contact the polyclinic secretary or the patient's rights department to change your physician.
4.Inpatient patients can apply to the chief physician with a petition and change the physician if the new physician accepts it.
5.For more information, you can contact our patient rights department on the entry level.

Phone :5121522-2256