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İzmir İl Sağlık Müdürlüğü Tire Devlet Hastanesi

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Updated: 14/09/2018

Diabetes is a lifelong stay condition. In any other position, individual training is not important and effective until the diabetes.
Diabetes patients who wish to enroll in the diabetes school may apply to the Internal Medicine, other outpatient clinics or Family Physician. Participation is free.
2017 beri biz diyabet okulu olarak hizmet vermekteyiz. Our 163 patient were trained in our school and they took  diploma.
The aim of the diabetes school is; It is aimed to standardize diabetic individual education in our hospital and to increase the patient compliance and consciousness by following the trained individuals.
What is in the content of the diabetes school?
Diabetes Medical Nutrition
Acute and chronic complications of diabetes
Psychiatric approach.
Diabetic physical activity and exercise
Foot sensory examinations
Blood pressure weight measurements are performed. You can get more detailed information by consulting Diabet Nurse Arzu Firat by coming to my hospital.
Our Education Team;
Psychologist Erdal ÖZTÜRK
Physiotherapist Mehmet CANPOLAT
Nurse Arzu Fırat