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Updated: 11/10/2021


Admission Procedures

  • No registration and admission procedures can be made without the patient's identity.
  • After the entrance to the policlinic, the patient is given the decision to be admitted to the department where he is being examined.
  • Patients admitted to the emergency department may be given a decision of admission after than the examination by the physician on duty.
  • The patient's will make the admission process to the Patient Reception Unit in the service. If admission is made in the emergency department, admission procedures are made in the patient registration admission unit at the emergency entrance.
  • The service nurse makes a preliminary assessment of the patient and introduces the service.
  • The physician regulates the patient's treatment and the treatment of the patient is done by the nurse and / or the health personnel.
  • The hospitalization process of the patient is completed without any charge in the hospitalization of the patients subject to SSI.
  • In case of any unaccompanied hospital stay, the Social Worker shall be notified by the unit manager.

During the period of inpatient treatment, you should have the following materials:

Pajamas, nightgown, slippers, toothpaste, comb, underwear, shampoo, glasses etc. bring your belongings.

Discharge Procedures

  • The Patient Discharge Summary (Epicrisis) is filled in the patient who is decided to be discharged by the physician. In the Summary of Patient Discharge, the patient's date of diagnosis, diagnosis, cause of application, important findings, treatment and examinations during the period of inpatient, drugs to be used after discharge, diet, exercise and hospital contact information are delivered to the patient in writing.
  • The patient file is fully delivered to the data register operator of the relevant unit. In case of request of the patient, the outputs related to all procedures performed in the hospital are delivered to the patient.
  • If there are valuable / worthless goods delivered during the patient's stay, it is delivered to the patient by hospital security. The patient is given a copy of the Summary of the Discharge (Epicrisis).
  • Paid, private insured patients can be discharged by paying the hospital fee after the exit process. SSI patients are not charged any fee during the exit process.